Packwood & Reynolds

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 7 14:29:20 MDT 1995

I wrote (in jabbing with David):
>>Sorry David, but STARTING to drink is ALSO a matter of will, which
>>proves my point that one is ultimately responsible for his
>>actions,drunk or not.  If you disagree with this, I have a classified
>>ad in the LA Times announcing an open position with the ACLU that I
>>send you :)
Dave responds:
>I am not even going to remark on this ludicrous statement above. You
Please allow me to apologize for my crass comment.  I did indicate a
:), however, after reading it again I realize it is insulting.  I meant
no personal offense, just trying to be a smartass :)
David writes:
>Agreed. But, I think you misunderstand me. I think Packwood is
>I also think you are willing to run him off due to the trumped up
>charges from the left. I also think you do not understand what
>alcoholism is and does. Let it suffice at this time to say we
>disagree on this. I have explained why.
I think we disagree with the alcoholic concept, but agree with the
political ramifications of the Packwood issue.  I personally don't
think Packwood did anthing criminal.  I am NOT calling for his
dismissal nor impeachment.  I wouldn't mind, however, if he would have
resigned back in 1992.  I am only stating my frustrations at what
happened in 1992 and how it has escalated today.  I am 100% AGAINST
what the left is trying to do to Packwood, because I don't believe that
they are really interested in the harrasment charges, rather they only
wish to gain publicity and take credit for Packwood's demise (if that
becomes the case).  I strongly believe that MOST left-wing
organizations, such as the NOW, NAACP, Greenpeace, etc. don't care
about who they are supposedly there to represent.  They only care about
increasing their membership ($) and advancing their political agenda.
I think we both agree on this.
As far as alcoholism goes, I will defer to your knowledge of the
biological effects of alcoholism as I have no reason nor personal
expertise to disbelieve your position.  I still strongly believe,
however, that one is ALWAYS responsible for one's actions, regardless
of physical and/or mental state.  True, the person may not have had
control of his actions under certain states of mind, yet in the case of
alcoholism, he still must face the consequences for them...
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