VIETNAM D'eja' vu

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Thu Sep 7 22:13:16 MDT 1995

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DATE:  September 7 , 1995
                        VIETNAM  D'eja` vu ???
        Once again our pilots are being placed in "harm's way" under
questionable rules of engagement --- this time in Bosnia.
        They are  NOT BOMBING  the Serb's heavy artillery surrounding
Sarajevo  -- that's why the Serb guns are not  being withdrawn.  If
are eventually moved, their ability for re-employment and re-targeting
Sarajevo will again result in civilian slaughter.
        While "pusillanimous Bill"  takes political bows for doing what
he should have done two years ago,  the Serb's Radovan Karadzic
continues to  play Bill and the west in a dangerous game of bloody
international chess   As long as they let him keep his major  chess
pieces, he'll have no reason to stop playing his deadly game and  the
only losers will be the Bosnian people.
Kenneth E.  Wyman
"One must fight if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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