Packwood Resigns!

Anthony Stapleton ASTAPLE at AOL.COM
Thu Sep 7 23:10:45 MDT 1995

Robert writes:
>If Kennedy would resign as a result of something similar, I'm all for
>it!  My point is that I think we should just get on with legitimate
>business and not have these ridiculous distractions.  In the age of OJ
>Simpson, it's really hard to focus on substantive issues with
>seriousness, rather, too much emphasis is being placed on more
>publicity-oriented non-issues (i.e. Mark Furhman tapes, someone's
>illegal nanny, etc...).
But, I heard an interesting point of view today.  The guy basically said,
"Look..the guy is a sleeze, but the Republicans ate their own.  The
Republican majority is too slim to give up the seat.  His point was that the
Republicans need every Senate vote they can muster and that the Republicans
should have fought for Packwood in the Ethics Committee by demanding hearings
on like behavior by Dems.  He readily admitted that it was a purely political
I happen to disagree with him for different reasons, but couldn't argue with
his point of view.  Just curious what others think about this.

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