Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 8 07:05:19 MDT 1995

Well Well another Demo in the news (briefly) for illicit doings.  I heard
Georgie "Porgie" Stephanopolis was arrested, I believe last night, for
driving w/o a valid drivers license and leaving the scene of an accident.
No mention if alcohol is a factor.   I do hope all undesirable activities
among our elected (no matter if Rep or Dem) continue to surface right up to
election time so constituents will continue to be reminded that "promises"
made then broken, honesty, and character matter when it comes to our elected
officials.  We must not lose sight of our goal to have as clean of a gov't
as possible.  It matters not if they are Rep or Dem just as long as they do
what's best for our country and its people.  It's embarrassing to know that
this great country has as much dirt to shovel out of the
Whitehouse/Congress/etc. as many other countries (maybe more!).  See ya!!!
Cindy B.

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