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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 8 07:50:01 MDT 1995

Will said:
>Good point!  Perhaps a socialized system will not work because you need a
>society where litigation is not as great a threat.  But you are not
>suggesting placing limits on the freedom to sue are you?  I am not sure
>that I could support that, but I don't have a solution to that problem.
Question:  Are Canadians allowed to sue Drs. for malpractice or whatever?
Also, you state CA Drs. have low admin. overhead thus health care is less.
That makes sense but does not address an issue which seems to be rather
prevalent in the U.S.  That issue is patient safety during treatment.
Example: a woman goes in for her annual pap and breast exam.  Drs. have been
accused of taking advantage of such situations as many still do not have a
nurse present even tho law requires such.  Does Canadian law require a nurse
to be present during such examinations/treatment?  Of course, if my Dr. did
not have a nurse present, I would take the responsibility of requesting one
prior to the initial exam; for my safety as well as my Drs.  We also have a
problem w/when a health care giver is off duty and are presented w/a
situation where someone requires emergency care which may perhaps save their
life but cause the person to have some long term/life long after effects,
that person sues the caregiver for causing some post accident injury.  Do
you have such problems w/this in Canada or are caregivers able to provide
such emergency medical attention w/out fear of being sued?
??? said:
>>         The contemptuous statement of pride and sign of success in the US
>>         is beneath any responsible comment.
Will said:
>Cindy flamed me here too.  I really did not intend to offend nor did I
>mean this in a snide contemptuous way, but I am at a loss to understand why
>being in a position not to ever have to use medicaid is not a sign of
I did not flame you Will.  I was merely making my point.  But, if you feel
you were flamed I do apologize as it is not my nature to flame anyone.
>>         Your cradle-to-grave care is born on the backs of those who are
>>         healthy enough to never use the system.  Seems like incentive to
>>         smoke, drink, and grow fat!  "Not to worry, the government will
>>         take care of me."
>>         Require hospitalization after driving into a tree after a six-pack?
>>         No problem!  Government to the rescue.
The above sounds a lot like medicaid/medicare!  Which I doubt I will ever
receive cuz the bank will be so broke by the time I get that age and the
program will probably be dissolved by then so....  Also, I'll have put so
much of my $$$ into those programs to take care of everyone else that by the
time I get that age I won't have any $$$ left for me to take care of me.
It's a lose lose situation for folks my age.
>Settle down!  Go sing Hakuta Matata with your kids 5 times.  If you don't
>have any you can borrow mine.  :)  You are just about the first guy I've
>met who gets angry when during the course of a reasoned argument his
>opponent acknowledges a fallacy and apologizes.
I like that song/chant!  My girls sing it often.
Have a terrific day folks!
Cindy B.   :) (still smilin) ------------------------->

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