Packwood Resigns!

Edwin G. Jones edjones at CALLAMER.COM
Sat Sep 9 15:40:07 MDT 1995

Well, Babs Boxer and her democRAT cronies probably think that they won the
battle, but they certainly lost the war! Now that Bob Dull caved in (after
asserting that Packwood would retain his committee chairmanship until he
left some 90 days downstream) and Roth is the new chairman, anticipate that
the spending bills will look more like the bills passed by the House rather
than the business-as-usual bills that were being considered in the Senate.
I'm certain that there were many Republican senators who were thrilled to
see Packwood leave because it would put the Finance committee in the hands
of a conservative.
>Well, I have always maintained that the Packwood situation was a
>definite NEGATIVE for Republicans.  I think the GOP finally realized
>that by NOT "eating their own" they would have been eaten themselves by
>all the negative publicity.  The GOP has an opportunity to make a
>historic mark on Congress, and I think most sensible Republicans didn't
>want the Packwood incident to erase all they have accomplished.
>Actually, now that the GOP HAS gotten rid of Packwood, they can now
>target the Dems and claim that they are indeed non-partisan in their
>investigations (Kennedy, Inoue, the Administration, etc...).  Senator
>"Babs" Boxer would look even more ridiculous than she already is by
>crying foul when the numerous investigations and hearings continue of
>members of the Administration!
>Of course, I hope the attention will now focus on the budget and other
>more important issues, at least for the remainder of this year...
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