Packwood Resigns!

Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Mon Sep 11 06:48:25 MDT 1995

> Well, Babs Boxer and her democRAT cronies probably think that they won the
> battle, but they certainly lost the war! Now that Bob Dull caved in (after
> asserting that Packwood would retain his committee chairmanship until he
> left some 90 days downstream) and Roth is the new chairman, anticipate that
> the spending bills will look more like the bills passed by the House rather
> than the business-as-usual bills that were being considered in the Senate.
> I'm certain that there were many Republican senators who were thrilled to
> see Packwood leave because it would put the Finance committee in the hands
> of a conservative.
Packwood is certainly no loss. He is one of the old time Republicans that
did not understand the message in '94. Although the likes of Specter and
Hatfield are much higher on my list, I for one am not dissappointed to see
him go.
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