Packwood Resigns!

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Sep 11 10:27:32 MDT 1995

Ed writes:
>Well, Babs Boxer and her democRAT cronies probably think that they won
>battle, but they certainly lost the war! Now that Bob Dull caved in
>asserting that Packwood would retain his committee chairmanship until
>left some 90 days downstream) and Roth is the new chairman, anticipate
>the spending bills will look more like the bills passed by the House
>than the business-as-usual bills that were being considered in the
I, for one, am glad that Dole immediately announced that Roth would
take over the chairmanship of the Finance Committee.  I think the
Packwood situation is bad enough for the GOP, and by allowing Packwood
to stay on as Chairman after his practical acknowledgement of the
charges levied against him would have been even more detrimental to the
goals of the Party...  If the bills in the Senate turn out a lot like
the bills in the House, that sounds like good news to me!
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