Health Care

Darin H. Deem AptMaster at AOL.COM
Mon Sep 11 16:23:24 MDT 1995

In a message dated 95-09-09 17:01:32 EDT, Paul writes:
>Other suggestions focus on changes to state laws.  Capping punitive
>        damage awards helps out, too.  A jury awarding millions in punitive
>        damages to a clutsy driver/McDonald's coffee drinker over and beyond
>        the damages awarded to pay medical bills is but one example where a
>        punitive damages cap would thwart the "screw the well-to-do"
>        fired up in juries by lawyers on 30-40% contingency fees.
I like the 20 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean better.  :)  Seriously, what
if Juries were required to set the amount the lawyers received and
contingency fees were bagged.  I don't think the lawyers would get 30-40% and
therefore these lawsuits would stop in a hurry.  Besides look at all the
stupid personal injury ads on TV we wouldn't have to watch!
Just a thought.

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