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The statement is made that the Canadian system is similar to the Denmark
system - unfortunately that is where it is headed even though it is not
there yet.
Right now, so long as one does not belong to a capitated doctors list,
one has the choice of medical professional unless of course one is
emergency admission to hospital. Let me use as an example my father who
has had five heart attacks and a stroke since February (he is 84 in
October and has had a good life so I am prepared for the end when it
comes which as he weakens is going to come in the not too distant
future). His first heart attack and stroke occurred in Florida so I have
seen both systems work up close.
He was offered great services in Florida including loving care from the
nurses (including hugs which would be illegal in Canada).
In Canada the ambulances are told to go to a specific hospital
and it does not matter whether his doctor has admitting privileges there
or not - in fact the last three times he has been to different hospitals
with discontinous care. Moreover, he was left sitting up all night one
night because of lack of nursing care (they told him they would bring him
a pain killer in an hour and put him to bed then and then no one came all
night - he was not near the call button but managed to get the phone in
the morning and called me.
I am sure NO US resident would put up with such treatment.
There is one other thing we must not forget. Most research on health for
the world is done in the US - now would that not all disappear under
Hillary's plan and we would all be worse off (the Ontario government will
not permit most new discoveries to be imported anyway as it is too
expensive so they ration it away). For instance, laser heart surgery is
not possible in Canada - but it makes sense to operate that way rather
than the invasive surgery now done for bypasses.
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