Health Care

DJ dmccread at MACH1.WLU.CA
Tue Sep 12 02:22:44 MDT 1995

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Willaim Thurber - PhD Student wrote:
> I learned last week to leave the economic number crunching to Dr.
> McCready.  My impression is that GP's actually make more than many
> specialists but I'll leave those numbers to him.
        Depends on the specialty - generally they make more than GPs but
we have far fewer than does the US.
> >         Still, the amount of tax that I would end up paying is still going to
> >         be much more than you do.  What I pay now only supports those eligible
> >         for benefits.  Add the rest of the USA's population, and like it or
> >         not, taxes needed to pay even for minimal health care will be excessiv
> e.
        Agreed - this is a problem because the level of health care is
significantly higher - thus if you wish to keep taxes low, you have to
cut the availability of health care significantly including research
(which is what Canada has done).
> But you now pay tax plus premiums, Did the GAO address the total cost
> to the consumer or just pass judgement on the current tax burden.
        The tax burden plus premiums depends on what ones income is - in
the example I gave in a previous post about my taxes being so much lower
in the US, I could buy five health insurance policies for the tax
difference - now for a low income person, they would be better off with
the tax without premiums. I dare say you as a graduate student would be
better off in Canada.

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