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DJ dmccread at MACH1.WLU.CA
Tue Sep 12 03:04:46 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Willaim Thurber - PhD Student wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Sep 1995, Cindy Brewbaker wrote:
> > Question:  Are Canadians allowed to sue Drs. for malpractice or whatever?
> Yes, but my impression is that we are less likely to do so.  I do not
> think this is an indicator of a better quality of care here, just a
> societal difference.  Maybe Dr. DJ can add something here.
        The Canadian courts have never been known for awarding large
damages so the people do not usually sue - thus the lawyers in Canada are
going hungry as there is a surplus of them and the government is cutting
legal aid. It is a societal difference which many people mention.
> As an aside he was on our version of C-Span on the weekend as it
> broadcast a conference on Health Care Echonomics (sic).  Dr. DJ --  I trust
> that was not a WLU student typing the graphics?
        I have been home from Chicago 12 hours and you are not the first
person to mention this. Yes, I know it was to be on on the weekend and I
understand that the tapes will be relayed. It was not a WLU student but
someone from the Parliamentary Channel or Maclean-Huntre who did the
taping who misspelled economics. I chaired the helath economics
confeerence that was videotaped and they played a number of the tapes on
Saturday and Sunday - the conference was 24-26 of August.
> > Also, you state CA Drs. have low admin. overhead thus health care is less.
> > That makes sense but does not address an issue which seems to be rather
> > prevalent in the U.S.  That issue is patient safety during treatment.
> > Example: a woman goes in for her annual pap and breast exam.  Drs. have been
> > accused of taking advantage of such situations as many still do not have a
> > nurse present even tho law requires such.  Does Canadian law require a nurse
> > to be present during such examinations/treatment?  Of course, if my Dr. did
> > not have a nurse present, I would take the responsibility of requesting one
> > prior to the initial exam; for my safety as well as my Drs.
> I really don't know, my wife's GP is a woman.  I suspect that there is a
> CMA guideline but no legislation but I really don't know.  (Oh I said
> that already, sometimes my own ignorance really astounds me.)
        No a nurse is not present unless - however, several doctors have
recently been disciplined for sexual touching and even intercourse....
> We also have a
> > problem w/when a health care giver is off duty and are presented w/a
> > situation where someone requires emergency care which may perhaps save their
> > life but cause the person to have some long term/life long after effects,
> > that person sues the caregiver for causing some post accident injury.  Do
> > you have such problems w/this in Canada or are caregivers able to provide
> > such emergency medical attention w/out fear of being sued?
        Many doctors do not have identifiable license plates any more
since they can be sued for not doing the right thing in an emergency
situation and do not wish to be called upon to do such life-saving
actions. I have heard fo doctors wanting to avoid accidents etc.
> I really, really don't know.  But I'll try to find out, since, after all
> I can talk to my doctor for "free".  (an intentional snide and contempt filled
> comment just so you can see my dark side) :)
        If you have a good relationship - the time he will give you may
amount to one minute or less?
> My kid starts kindergarten on Friday and is worried that if he doesn't
> know what 20 + 20 is they will throw him out.  Should I :
> a) reassure him that not knowing is the main reason for going to school
> b) reinforce the performance anxiety and tell him he has 72 hours to
> figure it out.
> c) start saving for Harvard
> d) build a new house for him because anybody that smart will probably be
> conservative and therefore he will not want to live with his liberal dad.
> circle all that apply.
The joys of fatherhood - I visited our youngest son in Chicago where he
attends Moody Bible Intstitute - and even though I worked most the
weekend, my wife and I got to see him twice and see his digs etc. My two
oldest are University graduates now and so I begin to feel old - I hear
all kinds of stories Will like that from grandparents now (although I am
not sure at 50 we want to be grandparents yet).

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