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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Tue Sep 12 06:15:48 MDT 1995

> --Will
> PS
> My kid starts kindergarten on Friday and is worried that if he doesn't
> know what 20 + 20 is they will throw him out.  Should I :
> a) reassure him that not knowing is the main reason for going to school
> b) reinforce the performance anxiety and tell him he has 72 hours to
> figure it out.
> c) start saving for Harvard
> d) build a new house for him because anybody that smart will probably be
> conservative and therefore he will not want to live with his liberal dad.
> circle all that apply.
None of the above. Tell him it doesn't matter as long as he feels good about
himself with what ever answer he comes up with. Right and wrong are evil
conservative ideas that have no place in society today. :)
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