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Willaim Thurber - PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Tue Sep 12 08:41:50 MDT 1995

Will asked:
> > My kid starts kindergarten on Friday and is worried that if he doesn't
> > know what 20 + 20 is they will throw him out.  Should I :
> >
> > a) reassure him that not knowing is the main reason for going to school
> > b) reinforce the performance anxiety and tell him he has 72 hours to
> > figure it out.
> > c) start saving for Harvard
> > d) build a new house for him because anybody that smart will probably be
> > conservative and therefore he will not want to live with his liberal dad.
> >
> > circle all that apply.
Dennis answered:
> None of the above. Tell him it doesn't matter as long as he feels good about
> himself with what ever answer he comes up with. Right and wrong are evil
> conservative ideas that have no place in society today. :)
Hey who said you guys had no sense of humour.  Thanks, Dennis.

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