Health Care

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Tue Sep 12 08:49:14 MDT 1995

Sorry Will but this msg. went to the list.  Nice compliments of Dr. DJ tho.
BTW, I stand by my statement that I believe you do have a sense of humor!
Cindy B.  :)
>Dr. DJ
>Thanks for responding to the rational consumer "test", I'll get back to
>you soon.
>Just a couple of things on the health care debate.  Nice to know that it
>was not a WLU student spelling echonomics and reasearch.  Not that I am a
>spelling bee champ, on the contrary if I notice it, it has top be really
>I wanted to compliment you for the quality of your posts, as I said
>before they are always welcome.  You have a knack for being able to
>divorce your political ideals from your rather objective view of the
>world, I wish I had more of that trait.
>That said, in one post you are confusing levels of analysis when considering
>the care provided by individual care givers with the care given at a macro
>level.  Certainly their will be a range of levels of care at the individual
>level, but I don't think that we can make a argument that 1 system
>provides more personal care than another.
>On another topic, I have been told to run group projects in my intro
>course.  The grading system suggested is a peer review to tease out
>individual contribution, with bonuses for peer evaluated exceptional
>performance, ranging to a big fat 0 for no contribution in the eyes of
>all peers.  I am a little uncomfortable with the extremes of the scale,
>especially since I could grant a A- to someone who played a large
>role in what was B or B+ work.  What do you think?
>PS: Thought I'd also take this private post to tell you that I took a
>macro course from you a few years ago as prep work prior to my MBA.

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