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Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Tue Sep 12 10:09:00 MDT 1995

Darin H. Deem Wrote:
>        Unfortunately, doing away with contingency fees would hurt those
>        who do have valid claims but cannot afford high-priced legal costs.
>        Serving those individuals was one of the primary reasons for
>        instituting contingency fees.
 >       If juries were allows to set fees, and they have proved their
 >       capriciousness in setting damages, would just compensation be
 >       awarded?
Sorry to say, Darin is right is saying this.  The major problem with the
tort law system today is the high cost of representations, even in
claims which are good and justified.  There are a lot of good claims
which are denied at the outset.  A lot of bad one's get compensated
and there are more which fall somewhere in the middle, which turn
out to be a real crap shoot.
That's why I try to stay out of the tort game and in business and corporate
law where I can have a lot more enjoyment and a lot less headaches.

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