Rational Consumers Test

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Wed Sep 13 12:09:26 MDT 1995

I've read thru the test several times for some hidden explanation but to no
avail.  I felt like I either missed something in another post or am just
ignorant/stupid/or whatever.  You are not alone Sam; you just posted it
first.  So, Will, if you would explain the test in layman's terms so I can
understand the "questions" I'd like to give it a shot.  Thanks!
Cindy B.
>I don't know if I should plead ignorance, stupidity or what. I scanned the
>post and did not understand it so I did not respond.  As I recall, the
>"questions" seemed, well not like questions.  Did I miss the explaination
>during my absence?
>Just call me confused I guess,
>Sam Teel
>ps  If you would repost I'd like another chance.
>> Last chance, I will post answers and solutions on Monday but hope to
>> examine all replies this weekend, if you want to play please do so
>> by 2:00 pn ET on Friday.
>> --Will

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