Purge of the American Father

Thu Sep 14 04:26:01 MDT 1995

 To: Rushtalk
  Would you please expose the U.S. governments purging of the american father an
d the worsening pogroms against men?
 A man should have the right to a family and the right to share equally with the
 mother in the love and care of his children in the event of divorce.  Children
are not the personal baggage of the mother to be moved at her whim and not the s
ubject of barter between courts, lawyers, politicians and any other host of fami
ly destroying parasites.
 What you have in this country is a legal system that feeds on injustice,
a social services (SS) system that grows more powerful and destructive, and a po
litical system driven by morons who look only through windows given to them by P
 While fathers are denied equality in the custody of their children, they are th
en blamed for societies ills by the feminazi/white knight controlled media. I ha
ve met very few fathers who would not jump at the chance to take full custody of
 their children or share custody equally with the mother. The domestic violence
never mentioned is the mothers refusal to let the child see his or her father an
d vice versa; which should be considered a violent act. Fathers love their child
ren very much and don't consider them a burden. The burdens are the marital pira
tes; the greedy ex-wives, the profiteering lawyers and the spreading tentacles o
f the SS. Lawyers will continue to strip children of their college savings bleed
 families onto the street and then run for political office. Touting (gag!) fami
ly values.
 What right does the government have to deny a father the right to care for his
children at least half the time, then let the (poor single) mother degrade his n
ame by putting his children on any welfare list?  The welfare lists could be cul
led fairly and justly tomorrow by answering two simple questions : 1. Is the chi
lds father willing and able to care and provide for the children. If so this chi
ld should not be on the welfare list. 2. Since the children are now provided for
 can the government now treat this (poor single female) in the same manner as th
ey treat the poor single male.
 The dehumanizing of the american father is a shocking parallel to the NAZI dehu
manizing of people in that it provides a vast source of revenue; stolen (with po
pular support) from the "subhuman" unrepresented group. Make no mistake. Welfare
 reform will be another anti-father pogrom based on hype and false statistics. D
estroying  fathers is profitable for many but only in the liars spreadsheet.
                                        Wayne D. Martin

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