Purge of the American Father

Thu Sep 14 10:30:20 MDT 1995

 No I have not been treated fairly by the court,lawyers or my ex.
Being married does not force one to submit to constant abuse and
talk of forcing people to stay together or making it more
difficult to get a divorce is not realistic. Until you go through
this tyrannical court system yourself you cannot understand.
 The only "keeping the family together" baloney coming from
politicians is keeping them together at each others throats in
 Children are created by a father and a mother and the responsibility
to provide for them is not disputable. However their love and care
and expense must be shared fairly. A man is just as much a loving
caretaker as a woman and should be allowed equal access to his children
if he desires. He is not a wallet to be opened by the ex-wife,social
services,lawyers or the politicians.
 The daily propaganda coming from the media and politicians is
sexist, unbalanced and disturbing. Fathers are being used by
the assessment of ludicrous amounts of child extortion (alimony
in disguise), so much that it defaults him out of the lives of
his children. This deadbeat dad crap is just as insulting and
degrading as the term nigger spick etc.
 There is a civil war waging in this country all around you and
nobody seems to care. Mothers and fathers are battling over their
children many times to the point of losing everything including
their lives.
 out of time .....later
>Wayne's message is an important one for all of us to read and take into
>consideration. I found the tone to be intimidating - Wayne, do I sense
>you have been through the courts and not been treated appropriately? I
>know that both fathers and mothers make a vow before God when they take
>their marriage vows to support and sustain each other and the offspring
>until death - there seems to be no fairness in the way that is permitted
>to happen when marriage breaks down.

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