Re[3: Purge of the American Father

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Fri Sep 15 06:22:17 MDT 1995

Wayne writes:
> The daily propaganda coming from the media and politicians is
>sexist, unbalanced and disturbing. Fathers are being used by
>the assessment of ludicrous amounts of child extortion (alimony
>in disguise), so much that it defaults him out of the lives of
>his children. This deadbeat dad crap is just as insulting and
>degrading as the term nigger spick etc.
>There is a civil war waging in this country all around you and
>nobody seems to care. Mothers and fathers are battling over their
>children many times to the point of losing everything including
>their lives. out of time .....later
>                   Wayne
I agree.  This happened to me as well.  I had to sell my inheritance
and borrow against my future to be a father rather than a visitor
to my daughter.  The olny way even this was possible was that I had
video of my ex (then wife) with her lover and that was more useful
in the family than in the court.  Courts don't really care about adultry
Sam Teel

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