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This is what I have ...
Rush got a great bit of email that=92s right up his alley - it=92s an =
electronic publication titled "Conspiracy Wacko." Paul Henry puts this =
piece of cyber-satire out, and someone else on the internet forwarded a =
copy of the August 8th edition to Rush.
The magazine has the motto "all the news that ticks <<Rush says "ticks" =
but the original has a more colorful phrase starting with the letter =
`p=92>> us off," and its story is titled "`GRATEFUL DEAD=92 LEADER JERRY =
WITH WACO, WHITEWATER." The story continues as follows:
<<Note: much thanks to copyright holder Paul H. Henry for providing me =
a copy of the original and for giving me the permission to reprint it here>=
CONSPIRACY WACKO has learned that Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, =
said to have died of a heart attack Wednesday in Forest Knolls, Calif., =
was actually murdered by agents of the Clinton administration in =
response to his plan to go public with important facts about the =
massacre in Waco and the death of Vincent Foster.
Within hours of receiving an anonymous tip about Garcia, CONSPIRACY =
WACKO had dispatched correspondent Sherman Tank and his associate Mr. =
Peabody to San Francisco, where they met with noted conspiracy expert =
Baron Von Trapp and several of the Von Trapp children. A disturbing =
series of links between Garcia and the Clintons=92 illicit dealings have =
come to light:
=B7 "Truckin=92" said to have inspired Clinton to buy Chevrolet El Camino =
and put Astroturf in back.
=B7 Lyric "High on cocaine" clear reference to drug running in Mena, Ark.
=B7 Clinton didn=92t inhale, Garcia inhaled.
=B7 Grateful Dead headquartered in San Francisco, known to be the home of =
hippies, drug users and homosexuals.
=B7 Glassy-eyed Deadhead stare similar to expression on faces of Branch =
Armed with this information, Baron Von Trapp conducted further =
investigations and uncovered evidence of wrongdoing and a massive =
coverup on the part of the Clinton administration. Details are sketchy, =
but it is believed that Garcia checked into a Forest Knolls drug =
treatment center as a cover and was in fact seeking refuge from a UN =
hit squad after deciding to end his thirty-year effort to poison =
America=92s youth through drugs and rock and roll.
"I=92m tired of taking orders from Bill Clinton," Garcia told an =
associate, who wishes to remain anonymous. "I made a deal with the =
devil in 1966 and now I want out. I have to tell the world what I know =
before I die."
Garcia told his associate that since the mid-1980s he had been doing =
"dirty work" for Clinton in his home state of Arkansas, and later, in =
Washington. Garcia=92s role was to divert the press, many representatives =
of which are known drug users and Grateful Dead fans, from reporting on =
issues such as Mena, Whitewater, Vince Foster, and the deliberate =
murder of 80 civilians in Waco, as well as the government=92s involvement =
in the Oklahoma City bombing. Garcia acted as Svengali to the nation=92s =
journalists, deadening their will to act responsibly in the face of =
Clinton=92s unprecedented corruption. CONSPIRACY WACKO has learned that =
over the past ten years, all the major unreported events in the =
Clintons=92 illegal dealings coincided with major Grateful Dead concerts, =
which attracted baby boomers from all over America.
In addition, Baron Von Trapp has uncovered several facts about Garcia=92s =
death that have not been made available to the public:
=B7 Garcia was kidnapped from rehab center in California, flown to =
Washington, D.C. and murdered in Fort Marcy Park, then flown back to =
rehab center.
=B7 Early reports from CONSPIRACY WACKO confidants indicated existence of =
suicide note written on Zig Zag paper and torn into twenty-six pieces, =
with signature missing. Note now missing, believed to be in custody of =
=B7 Trace of CS gas detected in Garcia=92s lungs, indicating presence at =
Mount Carmel during or immediately prior to massacre. Garcia believed =
to have worked as BATF operative during standoff.
New details were coming in as CONSPIRACY WACKO went to press.
Further bulletins as events warrant.
copyright =A9 1995 by Paul H. Henry.
<<excerpt ends>>
enjoy for what it is worth,
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>Date: Monday, August 28, 1995 7:26PM
>Does anyone have a transcript (or the original post) of what Rush read
>on the air last week, concerning Jerry Garcia being part of a conspiracy
>concerning the Waco investigation?  It was hilarious, and I'd be
>interested in passing it around at work, where Dead fans abound.
>Jim.Hilliard at Circellar.Com
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