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In a message dated 95-09-15 16:55:47 EDT, Will writes:
>I don't argue the numbers, I question the interpretation of the numbers.
Robert & Will:
Since you don't trust NRA's interpretation, than I suggest you go to the raw
FBI statistics and make your own judgments. Considering how the press does
not especially pull for the NRA, I think they would have had a cow had NRA
monkeyed with the numbers, don't you think?  Furthermore, I think the NRA
pretty much gave the raw numbers.
In Roberts case, you don't seem to trust the FBI.  I don't know what to tell
you here.  They haven't exactly been NRA fanatics.  Especially given the
current climate where the NRA is very critical of the FBI over Ruby Ridge.
 Common sense tells me that they wouldn't do much to help the NRA.  Or do you
think they like citizens being empowered to protect themselves, personally I
think they'd rather have all the guns in their own hands.  So don't you think
the FBI would have said something if the NRA got it wrong?  Don't you think
anybody would have?
To me these number speak common sense.  If I were a criminal I would be less
likely to go barging into someone's home, if I knew they might be armed.  I'd
sure as heck go after the house with the car out front with the bumper
sticker that said "Love your mother earth".  etc.  Because I'd feel better
that they were liberals who wouldn't dare own a gun.  I'd also high tale it
out of Dodge if the state passed all sorts of new laws to let people conceal
their weapons.  I'd go to somewhere more liberal so I could still have my way
without worrying about losing my life.  We'll only have a problem if all
states adopt these laws, but then again maybe they'll all go to Canada.  Look
out Will. :)
I've put the numbers out on the table and you're welcome to examine them all
you want. My works been done for me by the NRA, you guys will need to do some
research on your own if you wish to pick the numbers apart.  I am certainly
not going to do it for you! Let me know how your research turns out.
P.S. You might want to visit the NRA web site for help.  Also you will need
to determine which states NRA considers to be states with "fair" carry laws.
 ie. those states that have passed the NRA legislation allowing citizens with
clean records to get a concealed weapons permit etc.
This and other information on the Second Amendment and the NRA is
available at any of the following URL's: http://WWW.NRA.Org,
gopher://GOPHER.NRA.Org, wais://WAIS.NRA.Org, ftp://FTP.NRA.Org,
mailto:LISTPROC at NRA.Org (Send the word help as the body of a
Information may also be obtained by connecting directly to the
NRA-ILA GUN-TALK Bulletin Board System at (703) 934-2121.
The Data is once again reprinted for your viewing enjoyment.
> >      In 1993, the most recent year for which crime data are
> >available from the latest data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports,
> >states with favorable right to carry laws had a 22% lower overall
> >violent crime rate, a 31% lower homicide rate, a 36% lower robbery
> >rate, and a 14% lower aggravated assault rate than states that
> >severely restrict or deny the right to carry firearms.  States with
> >fair carry laws had a 29% lower overall firearm violent crime rate, a
> >38% lower total firearm homicide rate, a 41% lower handgun homicide
> >rate, a 38% lower firearm robbery rate, and a 19% lower firearm
> >aggravated assault rate than restrictive states.
> >
> >Bogus "Study" Debunked
> >
> >       Yet those opposed to the right of law abiding citizens to
> >defend themselves will go to any lengths. In March, 1995, certain
> >researchers at the University of Maryland released a study, paid for
> >with tax dollars by the federal Centers for Disease Control and
> >Prevention, which often uses taxpayer money to fund anti-gun studies.
> >The "study" claimed that gun homicide rates increased in Miami,
> >Jacksonville and Tampa after Florida's carry law went into effect.
> >Time magazine reported, however, that Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement
> >Commissioner James T. Moore "says he has his doubts about the Maryland
> >figures." For good reason. Total homicide rates declined 10%, 18%, and
> >20%, respectively, in those metropolitan areas. The "study's" authors
> >calculated Jacksonville and Tampa homicide trends from the early
> >1970s, when homicide rates were lower than today, to create the false
> >impression that Florida's 1987 carry law caused homicide to rise. But
> >they calculated Miami's trend from 1983 forward, since homicide rates
> >before 1983 were higher, and their inclusion in the comparison would
> >have shown that the city's homicide rate decreased.
> >
> >       Moreover, none of the homicides addressed by the "study" were
> >committed by carry license holders; the anti-gun researchers didn't
> >even distinguish between homicides that occurred in situations where a
> >license would be required to carry a firearm, versus those where a
> >license would not be required. The "researchers'" use of "anti-gunner
> >math" comes as no surprise. In a previous study, the same group
> >claimed that Washington, D.C.'s homicide rate decreased sharply after
> >its 1977 handgun ban. The fact is, D.C.'s homicide rate tripled after
> >the ban.
> >
> Source: NRA

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