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Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Sep 18 10:36:01 MDT 1995

David writes:
>Why? Do you think the NRA is full of lies and deceit? Bias? What does
>this mean, as if to say that Schumer and others are not? Give me a
Well, I think the NRA IS biased!  I would be very surprised if you
disagreed!  I never said, nor implied, that lefties like Schumer were
not!  I guess you ignored my Devil's Advocate position here, Dave.
Lighten up a little, will you?  I'm just looking for rational,
objective information that can be used against the leftists regaring
the issues of gun control.  I'm telling you that NRA statistics,
regardless of where they cite their sources, will not do much good in
our efforts to defeat the left.  This is not to say that the left's
arguments are rational, most of them are not.  The NRA's goals (or at
least what they used to be) is to convince the American public that gun
control is bad and that the right to bear arms is a Constitutional
right that cannot be taken away under any circumstances.  This is a
bias.  I'm not saying they are right or wrong, just that it's a bias.
I don't like President Clinton nor Democratic goals and values in
general.  That is a bias.
And I am STILL looking for a non-partisan, objective organization that
can produce stats of this nature if anyone has any clues as to where I
can find them....
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
North Hollywood, CA
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