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Mon Sep 18 13:31:49 MDT 1995

David writes:
>We seem to argue past each other. I don't buy that the NRA is
>I don't buy that gun-owners are crazy right wing fanatics. I don't
>buy that christians are unreasonable people, and I certainly don't buy
>government owned, government managed, socialism.
Well, I agree with your position above, Dave.  I don't recall saying
any of this as I, myself, fit in each of those catagories you
>You seem to have difficulty with someone who asks you why you want to
>do what you think is the appropriate thing to do. Why don't you ask
>them, what they base their gun ban attitudes upon?
I have absolutely NO difficulty with anyone asking me how I feel on any
issue, David.  My concern is that I need to convince enough of these
people that what I believe in is justified in an effort to prevent my
position from being knocked down.  I guess I'm more concerned with the
moderates than the left (as you are), and I believe most of the
moderates don't really have a position, one way or the other, because
of the factors which you mentioned (urban, non-gun owning, etc...).
>In this post, you did explain yourself further. I don't agree that
>you will ever convince the left. I do agree that there are those who
>may be persuaded. You might go back to the origination of HCI. Its aim
>was socialistic America, with total, outright ban on firearms. Maybe
>you could start there. I did have this information at one point in
>time and could find it for you if you so desire.
I think I know all that I want to know about HCI, David, and if the
thread were to have substituted HCI for NRA I would have posted the
identical question...
>I don't buy the leftist, new age crap. I don't care to have them join
>with me on anything. Nor is it logical that they would. They didn't
>in the 1960's and they won't in the 1990's. They have done everything
>in their power to gain acceptance of the left, socialism,
>cultural ideology including banning firearms, silencing christian
>dissent from their immoral way of life.
 I don't buy for a second,
>Robert, that the left has anything to do with me or my aims, that we
>will ever have anything in common, and that I will ever be allied with
>them on anything. It won't happen. This is not true of the moderates.
Well, as a moderate myself, you are incorrect.  I find nothing
appealing about the left and find very little, if anything, in common
with their views.  I have voted Democrat only once in my life and am
currently living to regret it (I didn't vote for Clinton, that's for
DAMN sure).  Perhaps I'm not a moderate, I don't know.  What I do know
is that I support the RNC agenda (I may disagree with some of it, but I
still stand by it) and am totally against the provisions in the
supposed crime bill.
>But that target audience at which our efforts should be directed. But
>don't get me wrong. I don't have much use for people who are allowing
>the fundamental rights of the constitution to be eroded, even if they
>are moderates, of either party. That just is unacceptable to me. So
>I guess, by your definition, that would make me a radical, right-wing,
>gun-loving, Missour-ah redneck,
>social democrat)<<you choose the category>>, patriotically correct,
I never defined anything, David.  I never implied that you were
right-wing, nor did I ever state I thought the NRA was right-wing.  It
seems that you're pretty sensitive to someone who MAY disagree with
your stance!  As it turns out, I think we agree more than we disagree,
which would also make ME a radical, right-wing, gun-loving,
Sunny-California, Dodger-loving maniac!
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
North Hollywood, CA
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