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Mon Sep 18 14:04:52 MDT 1995

We are saying much the same thing. But you stated we couldn't win
without the left. That is what I am driving at. They are setting the
agenda. So when you try to be reasonable, in their terms (and they are
the ones who have determined the framework of gun-control), I think
you lose.
I buy the next statement you make, but will not apply the definition
to those on the left wing of the democratic party, or those who go so
far as to just plain admit they are socialists or communists, or hide
behind the definition of social democracy or communitarian ideology.
See my point? I doubt that true moderates view the NRA with a great
deal of scepticism. Maybe I am wrong here. I agree also, that this group
needs to have the issue forwarded logically and concisely.
On Mon, 18 Sep 1995 12:31:49 -0700 Robert Ostrea said:
>I have absolutely NO difficulty with anyone asking me how I feel on any
>issue, David.  My concern is that I need to convince enough of these
>people that what I believe in is justified in an effort to prevent my
>position from being knocked down.  I guess I'm more concerned with the
>moderates than the left (as you are), and I believe most of the
>moderates don't really have a position, one way or the other, because
>of the factors which you mentioned (urban, non-gun owning, etc...).
I think here, you misread what I wrote...please reread, the last
sentence, above. And below, I know that you did not. My point is, if
that is what they call me, okay.
I think there are gun studies out there which would be of benefit.
Dr. Gary Kleck has one. I will see what I can dig up for you.
>....David.  I never implied that you were
>right-wing, nor did I ever state I thought the NRA was right-wing.  It
>seems that you're pretty sensitive to someone who MAY disagree with
>your stance!  As it turns out, I think we agree more than we disagree,
>which would also make ME a radical, right-wing, gun-loving,
>Sunny-California, Dodger-loving maniac!
Yes, I guess so. I am though, most likely, much farther to the right
than you. And I see no problem with allying with moderates in the
GOP and the democratic party. Because there is a basis for continuation
of the Republic from this constituency. And keep in mind, that
moderates  on the right (GOP), may be much more closely aligned with
conservatives on the left (Democrat), but both groups are farther to
the left than I am myself. But I believe that reality has begun to
sink in. First it was southern. Now it is much of the rest of the
country. The special interest groups who demand special everything, are
being rejected(I hope). If not, we are in for a short conservative
rebellion, to be followed by more movement toward socialism, and
eventual outright rebellion, social disentigration, and a collapse
of the economic republic. Or socialism straight up and down the board.
As I noted for the REPUB-L list. We are more than 1/2 way there
The Stro's are still in it. But I must say that I don't care for the
wild card design. Far better to redivision after adding new teams to
form the 4th contender. 4 division winners to vie for the title in
each league.

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