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Mon Sep 18 14:57:31 MDT 1995

David writes:
>We are saying much the same thing. But you stated we couldn't win
>without the left. That is what I am driving at. They are setting the
>agenda. So when you try to be reasonable, in their terms (and they are
>the ones who have determined the framework of gun-control), I think
>you lose.
Well, I agree that we can win without the firm to far left, but without the
moderate left, we
are in a bind...
>I think there are gun studies out there which would be of benefit.
>Dr. Gary Kleck has one. I will see what I can dig up for you.
I would like to see that, if you can find it....
>The Stro's are still in it. But I must say that I don't care for the
>wild card design. Far better to redivision after adding new teams to
>form the 4th contender. 4 division winners to vie for the title in
>each league.
Hey, Houston WILL win the wild-card race, David, while the Dodgers will take
the West!
I think the wild card design is EXCELLENT.  It gives many more teams
incentive to win
games, rather than pad their personal statistics for contract negotiations.
Without the
wild card, the Astros, Rockies AND Dodgers would be thinking about next year
right about
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