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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Mon Sep 18 14:59:03 MDT 1995

> Maybe it IS impossible to get a NON-partisan group, but how about a
> BI-partisan group, then?
Nope. There are no anti's that would participate in such an event with any
objective other then to stick in their own false and misleading data they have
been trying to push for years. Remember, the NRA, because of the scrutinty, has
no choice but to put out the truth (fortunately it also serves our purpose)
while HCI is simply out to control our freedoms at any cost and with
accomplises in the press and congress are not constrained by the truth.
> How about the NRA and HCI joining together in a study?  Impossible? :)
> (For those of you in Rio Linda, I'm joking...)
Or Chucky Schumer and Wayne LaPierre.
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