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Tue Sep 19 11:48:12 MDT 1995

> Phil, Darin et al--
> Let me start this by declaring that while the 2nd amendment is not my
> personal favourite I am not planning to start any repeal campaign.  I am
> curious what y'all think "well regulated" means?
That is defined in the Unites States Code (USC), I think section 215, but
don't take that as gospel. In any case why do you care what it means, as
it is irrelevent to the protection offerd by the 2nd?
> The problem with the FBI stats in the NRA release is that they are
> incomplete, we do not know what the numbers refer to, nor do we know how
> large the sample is, heck we do not even know what constitutes a
> "favourable" state or "fair" state.
All that was discussed in the original article which was too long to post
here. The poster probably put the information on the lists to provoke
thought. If anyone needs more then they obviously should read the entire
article for themselves.
> Maybe I am biased, but academic articles are rigorously reviewed by
> other academics before publication for any sign of this sort of "bias"
> before publication.  It is not a perfect process but the best journals
> usually refuse articles that contain these errors.  They might be the best
> source of unbiased interpretation of crime stats, any poly sci profs out
> there?
As I stated in an earlier post it is quite likely that the article did receive
a rigorous review as the firms that get paid to to this must assure their
results are correct to retain respect and stay in business (the free market
at work again).
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