Political Crap (was Guns Figure)

Thu Sep 21 12:04:43 MDT 1995

I think what you say is partially true. Unfortunately, much of the
citizenship which voted for Bill Clinton, does not have a problem
with what he did during the Vietnam era.
On Thu, 21 Sep 1995 10:35:00 PDT Laib, Steve said:
>     Sometimes we have a hard time telling truth from fiction.  After all, a
>lot of Clintoon's stances in Ark. were more conservative in appearance.  He
>was a state governor, and so advocated state's rights, of course, because it
>was in his best interest at the time.
>     In the campaign, the one thing which turned me off were his track
>record as a philanderer, the influence of Mrs. Bill, and the Viet Nam era
>activities.  All put together the didn't pass my "smell test".  In fact, he
>smelled to me like a week old dead fish with no refrigeration.
>     What I think went wrong last election was that too many people did not
>get the truth told to them, ignored it, or went on looks, and press
>     That's why we need more information being sent out to more people.  A
>well educated electorate votes more intelligently than a poorly educated
>Steve Laib
>Atty. and Philosopher

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