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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Thu Sep 21 13:20:41 MDT 1995

> Well, I'm not that against the government mandating some sort of
> training certification.  There are ways of ensuring that one gets
> "certified" without actually attending a state-run course.  I also feel
> that this is one area in which the government should require training
> for public safety reasons.  Obviously, this will not eliminate crime,
> etc.., but it sure would put a dent in accidental incidents!
You won't like this (given your reluctance to believe statistics) but the
accidental shooting rate has continually declined since the 70's as the
number of guns and gun owners has more than quadrupled. You can't make a dent
in a hole. I think the number in 1993 was 600 acccidental deaths from
accidental discharge of a firearm out of some 5 million guns and owners. Even
if I incorrectly recalled the statistics, if you verify them yourself I am sure
you will find the number of accidental deaths to be statistically neglegible.
> No, but we do have safer roads!  I would suspect that if gun
> training/safety courses were offered more regularly and
> supported/required by the government, a lot more people would be
> enrolling in them and a lot more people would be operating the
> equipment correctly....
Safer roads are the result of new technology (actually safer cars) not from
driver training. Although proper training in the safe use of a firearm is
important, it is still the criminal element that is responsible for deaths
by firearms. Just as drivers that drive illegally are responsible for deaths
on the hiways.
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