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Thu Sep 21 16:30:27 MDT 1995

Dennis writes:
>You won't like this (given your reluctance to believe statistics) but
>accidental shooting rate has continually declined since the 70's as
>number of guns and gun owners has more than quadrupled.
I am not reluctant to believe statistics, Dennis, my reluctance
sometimes lies with the source of the stats (in this case no source was
listed, but I am not reluctant to take YOUR word for it :))...
 You can't make a dent
>in a hole. I think the number in 1993 was 600 acccidental deaths from
>accidental discharge of a firearm out of some 5 million guns and
owners. Even
>if I incorrectly recalled the statistics, if you verify them yourself
I am sure
>you will find the number of accidental deaths to be statistically
OK, I'll take your word for it as it doesn't sound unreasonable to me.
I would be interested in looking at stats like these if anyone has
>Safer roads are the result of new technology (actually safer cars) not
>driver training. Although proper training in the safe use of a firearm
>important, it is still the criminal element that is responsible for
>by firearms. Just as drivers that drive illegally are responsible for
>on the hiways.
Your argument makes a lot of sense, Dennis, but I guess this sort of
strengthens one of my original points that a large number of people out
there don't know what the stats are and are hesitant to believe stats
from obviously biased sources.
Also, are you saying that you don't see any benefit in requiring people
to take a training/safety course for the proper use of a handgun?  I
can't see the harm in it, myself.  I am actually considering taking a
training/safety course for firearms myself because I know nothing about
the operation of these weapons.  (I believe it was your Dad who first
inspired me to take a course during one of OUR little arguments
sometime back!  Where is he, anyway?  Or are you him?  I don't see a JR
anywhere)  This was the same mentality I had when I first bought a
motorcycle five years ago.  I took a training/safety course, and to
this day, I think it was a good decision to make?
I'm assuming the problem many people have is the fact that the
government would mandate this training, but anything else?
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