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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Fri Sep 22 06:23:29 MDT 1995

> I am not reluctant to believe statistics, Dennis, my reluctance
> sometimes lies with the source of the stats (in this case no source was
> listed, but I am not reluctant to take YOUR word for it :))...
Oops, sorry. I forgot to include it: FBI Uniform Crime Reports.
> OK, I'll take your word for it as it doesn't sound unreasonable to me.
> I would be interested in looking at stats like these if anyone has
> them...
> Your argument makes a lot of sense, Dennis, but I guess this sort of
> strengthens one of my original points that a large number of people out
> there don't know what the stats are and are hesitant to believe stats
> from obviously biased sources.
I think those that don't know what the stats are simply are disinterested
parties because they don't have guns and since it doesn't effect them don't
really care. They simply accept what they read in the media, with out question,
and thus have the negative attitude about guns that prevails. We, as 2nd
amendment supporters, must educate them and try to convince them that what
they think they know about guns and guns owners is flat out wrong. They will
accept the statistics in large part but what they will have trouble with is
believing that the media and orginazations like HCI are actually lieing to
them. It is a huge task trying to get out the truth in the sources that the
majority of these people read and to which they listen. The NRA tried it and
failed as they could not buy time on the networks at even twice the going
rate. The remaining hard core anti's won't believe ANY source that does not
support their agenda and will believe ANY source that does without question.
> Also, are you saying that you don't see any benefit in requiring people
> to take a training/safety course for the proper use of a handgun?  I
> can't see the harm in it, myself.  I am actually considering taking a
> training/safety course for firearms myself because I know nothing about
> the operation of these weapons.  (I believe it was your Dad who first
> inspired me to take a course during one of OUR little arguments
> sometime back!  Where is he, anyway?  Or are you him?  I don't see a JR
> anywhere)  This was the same mentality I had when I first bought a
> motorcycle five years ago.  I took a training/safety course, and to
> this day, I think it was a good decision to make?
I'm him, there is no Jr. after my name (I knew this would result in some
confusion eventually, good thing we have similar views). I am not saying
firearm safety is not important (I tried to say that explicitly in my previous
post). The point I was trying to make is that current voluntary methods are
working fine and that mandating training by the federal government to reduce
accidental firearm deaths, as you suggested, was a waste of time since it is
a non-problem. Besides the federal government has no Constitutional authority
to do so (not that that seens to matter these days).
I am glad I was able to persuade you to take a safety course. Personally I
think that should be included in school curriculums as an elective as it used
to be in many schools years ago. The NRA, Eddie Eagle (TM) program is an
excellent start but too many liberals are in control of schools and won't
allow it simply because the NRA is associated with it. This is inspite of
the fact that the program, very explicitly, teaches the students to stay
away from guns and if they find one, "don't touch it, leave the area and tell
an adult immediately."
> I'm assuming the problem many people have is the fact that the
> government would mandate this training, but anything else?
The problem I have is that by mandating this the goernment confiscates more
control over our lives. They can very easily pervert that mandate into a
method of controlling guns and gun ownership. Such seemingly innocuous mandates
have, historically, always been perverted into increasing control over our
lives and eroding our personal liberties.
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