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Willaim Thurber - PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Fri Sep 22 08:30:57 MDT 1995

Darin ? Said:
> >Why would a non-biased group want to do the study?  Only those who are
> >interested in it have any reason to do it, see my point?  Maybe you
> >should do these studies.  I think you'll come up with logical results
> >with which I will agree.
Robert said:
> Hell, I could care less if anyone agreed with my study as long as I get
> paid! :)
Will says:
My thought exactly, I would be happy to do the study if somebody would
compensate me for my time.  The problem becomes why would a group with an
advocacy position pay me?  Dennis claimed earlier that in the pursuit of
truth the free market works best, but if my proposed study supported gun
control I doubt that NRA would publish it (oh yeah, like: Sorry folks we
were just wrong all these years, we are closing our offices effective
immeadiately and all working for the re-election of the Pres.) nor
would they hire me again.  Likewise on the left I'm sure.
The free market is a wonderful thing, but historically the only
truth it reveals is subjective.  Even in the advocacy positions of
lawyers in a criminal case they are required to reveal all the physical
evidence.  Which reminds me whatever happen to the infamous envelope at
you-know-whos trial?
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