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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Fri Sep 22 12:22:21 MDT 1995

> My thought exactly, I would be happy to do the study if somebody would
> compensate me for my time.  The problem becomes why would a group with an
> advocacy position pay me?  Dennis claimed earlier that in the pursuit of
> truth the free market works best, but if my proposed study supported gun
> control I doubt that NRA would publish it (oh yeah, like: Sorry folks we
> were just wrong all these years, we are closing our offices effective
> immeadiately and all working for the re-election of the Pres.) nor
> would they hire me again.  Likewise on the left I'm sure.
Well actually they wouldn't publish it but they also wouldn't close shop
even if that were the case. The data on gun control is irrelevant to the
protection of the 2nd amendment. Thus the NRA would still continue to
work for preservation of the Constitution. However the focus of other NRA
programs would certainly change to first determine the root cause of the
results of such a study and then develop programs appropriate to change
behavior, education, etc. in such a way as to 'fix' the problem.
> The free market is a wonderful thing, but historically the only
> truth it reveals is subjective.  Even in the advocacy positions of
> lawyers in a criminal case they are required to reveal all the physical
> evidence.  Which reminds me whatever happen to the infamous envelope at
> you-know-whos trial?
Actually it is the prosecutor's job to reveal information and the defense's
job to conceal it. That is not to say the defense can hide physical evidence
but they are under no obligation to point out the evidence to the prosecution.
For example, if the defense is inspecting the scene of the crime and they find
an object in a corner that ties the defendent to the scene they cannot touch
or move it but they do not have to tell the prosecution that it is there, the
prosecution must find it on their own.
I think you-know-whos lawyers did have the envelope opened but the judge ruled
it as irrelevant. I don't recall what was actually in it or even if its
contents was revealed publicly.
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