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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Fri Sep 22 12:36:55 MDT 1995

> I don't see anywhere in the Constitution that says the government CAN'T
> require training/safety courses?
You are forgetting how the Constitution works. The very fact that it is not
in the Constitution means that it is implicitly forbidden. The powers
granted to the federal government are emunerated in the Constitution and
where the Constitution is silent the power then belongs to the states or
the people. This is why the 9th and 10th amendments are so important but have
been all but forgotten by the courts.
> Are you still in Huntsville, AL, Dennis?  I've never heard of gun
> courses here in California.  I'm sure there may be some in the rural
> areas, but certainly not in the cities!  I'm not sure this will ever
> happen again, however.  I remember when they banned the javelin event
> in track and field because some kid got killed with it...
My home is still in Huntsville but is on the market and as soon as I can
sell it (no easy feat there) I will buy another here in Ga. (north of Atlanta).
But believe it or not I went to school in upstate N.Y. and was on the rifle
team in H.S. and college. Things have sure change since then, a long time
ago (suddenly I feel very old).
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