Will the Real Sen.Dole Stand-up??

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Sep 23 22:58:19 MDT 1995

kewcomm1 at ix.netcom.com
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DATE:  September 23 , 1995
     Why conservatives question candidacy of Bob Dole is shown
once again  -- When the Senate was determining what sections
of the defense budget should be brought up for debate, he caved
in to moderates' demand that the question of clarifying the
"homosexuals in the military" policy not be so debated.
     The following  week, he tells the GOP Log Cabin Homosexuals
to take their $1000 back after his organization asked for the dough.
His 1st act was HIDDEN from view. --  His 2nd action went PUBLIC.
This may be only one point  and minor to some, but such an action
should give conservatives "food for thought."
Ken Wyman
"One must fight if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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