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Mon Sep 25 10:16:55 MDT 1995

>         Just curious about what the rest of you think,but I just saw Malcom
> Forbes on "Meet the Depressed" and was impressed with his message.I hope he
> does well.If he is still in the race in March,I'll vote for him in the Ca
> primary.I liked his pro growth.flat tax,gold standard message.I loved his
> peek at his proposal on Social Security,but I'll reserve judgement until
> it is fully released.
Too bad David Broder doesn't have the same good sense. He throughly roasted
Forbes in is Sunday column with the same old liberal line of drivel and mis-
>         A quick note on Colin Powell.Last night Clinton praised him as someone
> who shares his beliefs.(yeah right. I'm still trying to cypher what Clintons
> true beliefs are.)If that isn't a sign to proceed with caution before jumping
> on the Powell bandwagon, I don't know what is.
Let me understand this; a pot-smoking, womanizing, adulterous draft dodger that
"loathes the military," shares beliefs with the former chairman of the joint
chiefs of staff who is considered by many to be a military hero and by most
to have integrity even if they don't agree with his political views (which are
just now coming out)? Yeah, that sounds like a Clintonism to me.
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