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John B. Hammes mujbh at UXA.ECN.BGU.EDU
Mon Sep 25 22:56:08 MDT 1995

>  Also, I seem to have a bad mailing address for Rush--I have
> 70277.2502 at but my mail is returned undelivered; is there a
> reason and do you have proper address?
> Thank you----DMacD
        Sometimes Rush's mailbox fills up b4 it can all be deleted.  When
this happens, mail is rejected, but usually you get a message telling you
so.  Another possibility is that Rush's mail sorter could be settable to
accept only certain topic-related mail.  If I had a sorter of this type and
got as much mail as he does, I'd use it, too.  Can't blame him, if any of
these are the reasons.
        Don't forget, this is only my theory and not based on accurate
John B Hammes
mujbh at

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