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Tue Sep 26 07:36:35 MDT 1995

You have a good point here. But then, Bill Clinton was elected because
of Ross Perot, IMHO. Perot appears to be headed down the street again.
By the by, even members of the GOP are for gun control. The Constitut-
ional Republic is not an agenda item for other than about 30% of the
GOPers. The rest give a rot or are willing to acquiesce in regard
to the Brady Bill, the AWB.
You are right Darin. The liberalization and NEWSPEAK of the modernists,
in the GOP are just as bad as the leftists. But that is the reason for
my pessimism about the future in general. And it is one good reason to
buy an AR/15 right now.
The question is, why is the NRA considered to be unreliable? Because
the political left, the newspapers, and other left-oriented groups
indicate that the NRA is radically right-wing. Which if it means
attempt to stop the abrogation of the rights recognized by the
Constitution as opposed to government powers and rights (and the BoR),
then it is right wing. And if this means that it is unacceptable as
a resource, then it is (That is what the press does isn't it?).
On Mon, 25 Sep 1995 21:03:38 -0400 Darin H. Deem said:
>In a message dated 95-09-21 13:23:07 EDT, Robert writes:
>>I think you're thinking in too simplistic terms, Darin!  I can detect
>>the "crap" from the left, so can you and David.  The problem is, there
>>are too many people (moderates mainly) who can't tell the "crap" from
>>the truth.  Hell, Bill Clinton got elected, didn't he?  My concerns are
>>generally in public perception, which we all know can be very
>>inaccurate AND full of "crap."  This "crap" will eventually destroy the
>>U.S. Constitution unless some serious attention is devoted to the
>I said "should" be able to tell crap from reality.  You are so right it
>scares me to admit it.

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