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Dennis Putnam,Jr. RPSGT at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 26 11:23:15 MDT 1995

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>What positive contribution has the right to keep and bear arms made to the
>advancement of American society and/or culture in the last 100 years?
Self protection is the answer to you question.  You hardley ever hear of
people who use a gun to protect themselves from a would be killer.  The only
place you can read about it  is in American Rifleman.  This is something
everyone seems to forget.  One of the reasons for having a firearm is to
protect yourself and property.  If more people carried firearms (legally) and
knew how to use them I think there would be less innocent people getting
Another thing to think about are the homicide figures put out.  These numbers
also include justifiable homicides.
Dennis Putnam, Jr.

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