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Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Sep 26 13:06:10 MDT 1995

Darin writes:
>You have a very well thought out position.  I would like to know who
>backed that is an anti-gunner.  I don't recall hearing or reading
anything of
>the sort.  So any details would be appreciative.  By the way I hope
you are
>wrong here.  Geez, you sound as cynical as I do.
I didn't say they backed an anti-gunner, Darin, or else my point would
be proven outright!  I am developing a cynical attitude towards
organizations that have a one-issue agenda (from both the left and the
>You don't say.  If the gov't required it, the enrollment would
increase?!?  I
>have no doubt of it. :)  You don't need the gov't to show you how to
>care of your own gun.
No, but if the government had a national campaign promoting/encouraging
enrollment in gun training/safety courses (when pigs fly, I know) I do
believe enrollment would soar because of the IMPRESSION society would
get from such a campaign....
  There's plenty of people who know how who can pass
>that information along.  What next?  Mandated classes in how to mow
>lawn?  Many people get hurt with those things every year.  Maybe we
>just wrap styrofoam pads around everything so no one will get hurt.
>make those lawyers too happy though.  :)
Unless, of course, you develop an allergic reaction to the styrofoam!
>Hey everybody send Robert a quarter, he'll do the study.  (Robert:
You never
>said how MUCH we had to pay:))
Well, the MORE you pay, the more you'll see what you WANT to see in my
analysis! :)
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