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Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Tue Sep 26 15:00:54 MDT 1995

> I didn't say they backed an anti-gunner, Darin, or else my point would
> be proven outright!  I am developing a cynical attitude towards
> organizations that have a one-issue agenda (from both the left and the
> right)...
Uh, excuse me. What additional agenda issues would make sense for that
organization that would make you less cynical? Why is the magic number 1
to make you cynical? Is a two issue organization, OK? How about three? Or
are you saying:
cynicism = 100%/<number of agenda issues>
I would be cynical about an organization that had too many issues since it
would be impossible to devote sufficient resources to any of them. In
the case of protecting RKBA alone the necessary resources are huge.
I guess I am missing something here, but the NRA is an organization specifically
of and for gun owners. In the past they were almost exclusively a firearm
safety, hunting and sport shooting organization. It wasn't until the erosion
of RKBA that the NRA realized (too late actually) that no one was organized
enough to stop the movement. When it finally woke up to the problem the agenda
was to fight back (politically, of course). This seems to me a natural action
for the NRA to take. The NRA existed long before they joined the RKBA fight so
I can't see why that makes you cynical. HCI, on the other hand, was created
when Sarah Brady was joined by other liberals specifically to advance the
anti-RKBA agenda. That certainly is a one issue organization to be cynical
about as it exists for no other reason than the politics of RKBA, while the
NRA was basically thrust into it.
> No, but if the government had a national campaign promoting/encouraging
> enrollment in gun training/safety courses (when pigs fly, I know) I do
> believe enrollment would soar because of the IMPRESSION society would
> get from such a campaign....
I can't agree. Those interested in firearms are already enrolling. The NRA
safety courses have grown at a phenomenal rate since the attack on RKBA
started (accidental shootings have declined in absolute numbers in spite of
huge increases in legal firearms). Those uninterested in firearms simply don't
care and would feel no need to enroll regardless of what DC said.
> Well, the MORE you pay, the more you'll see what you WANT to see in my
> analysis! :)
Oh, Robert! I am dissapointed! I thought you were incorruptable. :)
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