Hello and National Sovereignty

Bruce Norbeck madtom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Sep 26 20:39:35 MDT 1995

>Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, was quoted by Geoff
>Metcalf as saying that National Sovereignty as a concept is
>fast becoming obsolete.
    I read the above posting, & chose not to comment until after I'd
read the responses of others on the list. The only one who actually
commented on the actual quote said pretty much what I'd expected --
that Clinton & his communitarian cronies are acting as expected.
    Now, I found this rather interesting. You see, Papa Paul supplied
the above quote without any further context. We have no idea what Mr.
Talbot actually said; we only know, from a second-hand source quoting a
quote, that Talbot thinks national sovereignity is becoming obsolete as
a concept.
    I'm not going to defend the actual quote... but I'm not going to
attack it, either. I am, however, quite certain that, had some journa-
list quoted Newt Gingrich as having said such a thing, he would be im-
mediately derided as having quoted the Newtster out of context. I also
note, with great interest, that no-one other than me has questioned the
context of the quote. Could it be that no-one on this list is willing
to do so, because Talbot is a Clinton cabinet official?
    Could be!
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