Hello and National Sovereignty

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Wed Sep 27 00:44:40 MDT 1995

PapaPaul sed
>Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, was quoted by Geoff
>Metcalf as saying that National Sovereignty as a concept is
>fast becoming obsolete.
MadTom replied
>    I read the above posting, & chose not to comment until after I'd
>read the responses of others on the list. The only one who actually
>commented on the actual quote said pretty much what I'd expected --
>that Clinton & his communitarian cronies are acting as expected.
>    Now, I found this rather interesting. You see, Papa Paul supplied
>the above quote without any further context. We have no idea what Mr.
>Talbot actually said; we only know, from a second-hand source quoting a
>quote, that Talbot thinks national sovereignity is becoming obsolete as
>a concept.
>    I'm not going to defend the actual quote... but I'm not going to
>attack it, either. I am, however, quite certain that, had some journa-
>list quoted Newt Gingrich as having said such a thing, he would be im-
>mediately derided as having quoted the Newtster out of context. I also
>note, with great interest, that no-one other than me has questioned the
>context of the quote. Could it be that no-one on this list is willing
>to do so, because Talbot is a Clinton cabinet official?
>    Could be!
>bruce (putting on his flame-retardant suit)
PapaPaul sez
You are right.  There should have been context.
Regards, PapaPaul

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