Guns and other countries

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Thu Sep 28 07:17:15 MDT 1995

Will writes:
>I stand by my point though that something is systematically different in
>the US that creates such an urgent need for self defense, especially
>in comparison to other countries like the UK, Japan, Germany, Australia,
>Canada, Spain, Italy etc.
> --Will
In the UK the crime rate has exploded, especially home invasion because the
perps know that the victims are unarmed.  Japan has the reputation of being
crime free but that is not really correct, they have their own brand of
organized crime that is so well connected that they almost never are indicted
or even reported.  Germany has violent skinheads and many racist type crimes.
I don't think you'd wand to be a black man there. Canada's crime rate is
also rising.  I've had knives pulled on me in Italy. In Spain you don't
want to walk around half asleep.  You'll wake up in a nightmare.  The fact
that these semi-socialist countries have nearly prohibited guns has not solved
their violent crime problem.  Look at what happened in France this week. Does
anyone believe that the shooter had a LEGAL weapon?  The law failed to keep
a criminal from having a gun.
I am what most people call a "gun nut".  I own them, shoot them, carry them
and like them alot.  If I could wave my magic wand and make all firearms
disapear from the world to never return, I'd proably do it.  That is only
fantasy.  As long as crimminals have guns, so will I.  Even if it is
crimminal for me to do so.
Sam Teel

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