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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Sep 28 07:17:08 MDT 1995

>Cindy writes:
>> Thanks for the info Steve.  Although I have the utmost respect and
>> admiration for Thomas Sowell, I'm not completely sold on Gramm as a
>> candidate (truthfully, I haven't picked anyone yet).
>> Cindy B. (Atty. of Common Sense and Layman Philosopher)  :)
Sam writes:
>Gramm is my current choice for our candidate but one of my best friends, who
>is a demo-crite, says Gramm will never get elected and that if we nominate
>him we are dooming ourselves to 4 more of slick.  He thinks we should go with
>Dole, hold our nose, and pick a true conservative VP.  Like Keyes for example.
I too am not impressed w/Dole.  Unfortunately, I fear you may be right
concering our chances of getting rid of Mr. Slick.
>I suspect he is right, that Dole is our only hope of getting rid of slick. I
>pretty much discount the 3rd party deal as doa.  I don't believe that Powell
>will run as an independent nor will he get the Republician nomination.  Perot
>won't get 25% of the vote he got in 92.  Too many remember voting for Ross and
>getting slicked.
Ross Perot is a nincumpoop!  I'm hopeful that America will remember that
come Nov. '96.
>Sam Teel (also known as Jesse Helms on the Repub-L list!)
>BTW  The National Teachers Assc. has declared that Oct. is National Gay
>     Celibration month.  Keep an eye on your public schools.  I've ask my
>     15 year old to let me know of anything they post about it.
I heard on, I believe, GGLiddy last week abt. this Nat'l Gay Celeb month and
that the NTA or NEA or whatever they call themselves, had received so much
negative feedback concerning their backing this, they have backed off their
support.  If I ever get wind of this being celebrated in our schools, those
people will never forget the name Cindy Brewbaker!!!
My 12 yr. old (going on 16) had to enroll in public school this year as our
private school only goes up to grade 6.  I am on a committee working to
implement 7th and 8th grades in our private school.  Our children would
still have to attend public high school but our high school is not nearly as
bad as the Jr. high.  Our community recently passed a bond issue for $46
mil. to build a new jr. high and elementary schools w/additions on the high
school.  These people are under the illusion that new bldgs. will make for a
better education.  They haven't figured out yet that its the teachers who
educate our children and not the bldg.  All the fancy bldgs. and equip. in
the world are of absolutely no use without a strong, quality teacher.  Now
our committee must be doubly convincing that a "choice" of which school to
send your child is the best situation.  W/out competition, the public
schools know they will get our kids and not strive for quality.  If we could
afford it, I'd quit working and home school my children.
Any suggestions?
"Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world!"
Cindy B.

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