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Thu Sep 28 13:27:00 MDT 1995

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        Like many Americans, I believe self-defense to be a fundamental right.
In our time (Post-Harrod Experiment era) this right is under attack and must be
        This list has helped to alert me to the need to guard the 2nd
Ammendment and to reassert this Constitutional right.  The NRA is the
strongest concerted voice speaking to this issue.  Our guarantees have already
been compromised by  movements to restrict or ban gun ownership.  My impression
is that the anti-gun lobby's long term goal is to make all guns inaccessible to
ordinary citizens.
        This is a  change in America; and it is a threat to our freedom.  I
suspect the anti-arms movement gets some of its energy from a Wayne's world
mentality, characterized by an extended cushy adolesence incubated an
artificial world (not even virtual) with lots of media-oriented "knowledge"
input - very little real experience.  Sam Teel's posts on this issue, for
example, are the polar opposite of this Wayne's world mentality.  Sam's stories
have the hard edge of reality and the ring of truth.  (I sincerely appreciate
        Lawless use of guns comes not from the guns themselves, but from
individuals and groups of individuals who are choosing to live "out of bounds"
- in other words, real criminals, i.e. not simply individuals who may discover
they have broken a given law but individuals who act habitually out of a
throroughly self-centered value system and thought life that permits them to
seize, assault, or damage someone's else's person or property.
        A police force is unable to protect citizens when many criminals are
active in a given area.  Most of the time the police respond  to crimes after
they have been committed.  Witness the recent murder of the three year old girl
in the "avenue of assassins."  The police respond after damage has been done;
then justice system is often woefully inadequate to deal effectively with the
perpetrators.  When civil order is routinely breeched, police are unable to
maintain the peace.
        In contrast to criminals, decent people behave with a consideration and
sensibility for others that far exceeds the gross requirements of most criminal
codes.  They do not plan or even spontaneously enact violations of the "law."
Violations of law are remote from the daily pursuits of decent people.  Of
course, one can conceive of a society that passes so many laws, even foolish
laws, that by definition turn decent people into criminals.  Currently the
anti-gun lobby is verging on the creation of those foolish laws by their
efforts to pass  gun laws that take from decent people the right to defend
themselves from vicious people.
        Have you noticed, Will, that in our time large segments of our
population are living at the edge of civil breakdown and many individuals are
living well over that edge?  Decent people do not feel safe.  And in fact they
are NOT safe.  Arms are one way to restore balance to the equation.   The issue
of the right of the individual to bear arms to protect himself against a
foreign incursion, should that ever come to pass (God forbid), is a well
established precedent.  History has shown us the wisdom of maintaining a
citizenry with the means and the will to defend itself, even when the potential
threat seems remote.

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