Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Thu Sep 28 13:59:00 MDT 1995

Bill White's comments on the subject of gun control are well stated.
     Over the past few years I have seen a concerted trend here in the San
Francisco area to eliminate the rights of people to own or defend themselves
from those who use guns illegally.  The common thread among the proponents
of this view is that if you pass a law banning guns, then no one, not even
criminals, will have them. This is absurd, but it is still followed as the
truth by many misinformed individuals.
     I have on occasion pointed out that we have failed to keep drugs from
entering the country illegally, or the failure of alcohol prohibition, but
they have little persuasive effect on the true believer.
     One theory which I have heard get some play recently is that the
liberal government types what the average person disarmed so that gangs and
other outlaw elements will control the streets.  Then people will have no
one else to turn to for help, but government, increasing their power base.
 This is possible, I suppose, but consider that this will make certain the
deterioration of the nation's cities and then what  will be the point in
having a government .  Things will be such a mess that it will be
meaningless.  And who wants to rule a ruined economy.
     Well, it won't be the first time that liberals have done something
Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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