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Fri Sep 29 07:32:05 MDT 1995

> I stand by my point though that something is systematically different in
> the US that creates such an urgent need for self defense, especially
> in comparison to other countries like the UK, Japan, Germany, Australia,
> Canada, Spain, Italy etc.
I'm not sure what you mean here but none of those countries enjoy the personal
freedoms we enjoy (or used to) in the US. In Japan, for instance, you can be
walking down the street and be stopped and searched for no resaon by any LEO
simply at their whim. Our founders started this country precisely to eliminate
that. A lot has to do with the mores and folkways of our culture. Before the
days of out-come based education Americans knew their roots and why this
country was founded and why it became the greatest power in the world. They
jeolously guarded individual liberty even to the point of sacrificing their
lives. We hold those that made the ultimate sacrifice (or at least we used
to and some still do) in the highest regard. It would be unconcionable to sully
their heroism by giving up what they fought to preserve (oh, boy I better quit,
I sound like a movie script).
The police are unable to protect individuals (nor are they obligated
to do so) and our founders rightly knew that self defense is an 'inalienable'
right. Having said all that, it should be clear why there is an 'urgent need
for self defense.' We simply want to protect 'life, liberty and the persuit
of happiness,' as our founders had intended and that responsibility belongs
solely to the individual.
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