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>>What positive contribution has the right to keep and bear arms made to the
>>advancement of American society and/or culture in the last 100 years?
Roughed up, blindfolded, tied to her bed and fearful of being raped by two
robbers, a Spanaway, Washington, GRANDMOTHER managed to work her hands free
and retrieve her .22 cal. revolver.  When one of the men started to return
upstairs, 69 year old Wilma Roberts shot twice, wounding him in the arm.
 Roberts then chased the two from the house, firing additional shots as they
fled in her van.  Police recovered the van just miles away from Roberts' home
and arrests were expected. (The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, 6/10/95) Cited from
American Rifleman, Oct 95 issue.
I would call that positive.  Thank GOD for the right to keep and bear arms.
 Do you think that this grandmother would own a gun if it was against the
law?  This is merely ONE example there are thousands and thousands more.
 Just cause you didn't see it on CBS evening news with Dan Blather doesn't
mean it didn't happen.

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